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Melon Ananas Originally from the Middle East, has an oval shape and a netted rind the interior of the melon ranges from a creamy shade of white to a pale-ish orange. Sizes, aroma, seeds cavity differ depending on the market requirements. Ananas type is one of the intensely sweet.



The canary melon has an elongated shape with a yellow rind has a slightly waxy feel, the flesh white or pale-green, its bright color resembles that of a canary bird, hence its name. It can be found in various sizes and shapes. The Canary melon is very sweet, it's common in parts of Asia, e.g., Japan and South Korea & in Africa e.g., Algeria and Morocco.



Galia melons have a very round shape and a wonderfully sweet taste. It has an aromatic flavor. The rind has attractive yellow dense netting of rough lines and the flesh varies between light green and white.

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